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Aztec High School

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    Bus Information

    Will your child be riding an alternate bus for a day or two? Please see this document for more information.

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    What's Going On At Aztec High School

    Counselor Announcement!! We are setting up Google Classrooms for each grade level! This will give students access to the counselors for questions, mental health concerns, and much more!! The classes have already been set up so each student will need to have access to the code for the class. Ms. Olson sent those out through Remind, but if you do not have that access then please email Mrs. Thornton for 9th or 12th  or Ms. Olson for the code for your grade level. Email Mrs. Calvert at for 10th and 11th.

    Click on the above link to access the AHS Course Description Guide

    School Closure

     Hello AHS Staff and Families,

    By now many of you have heard the news that NM schools are physically closed for the rest of this school year. AHS is working with district office on our plan to continue Google Classroom based instruction so that our students receive credit for this semester’s classes and seniors have a graduation. We are also working on a process to reach out to students and families who do not have connectivity to the internet. Parents, as you have specific questions please don’t hesitate to email myself or your child’s teachers. My email is Parents can also call the school main line at 505.334.9414, but please understand that phone calls are slow in getting through the main line right now.  Schools do have some further guidance from the state education office, but our plans are still in the development stage. For now, parents and students should do everything you can to either join your teachers’ Google Classrooms or email your teachers and the office if you have connectivity issues.

    Stay tuned for further updates from district and / or the school as our plan finalizes. And remember: We are Aztec Strong!!!

    College and Career Ready is our goal at AHS!
    Looking forward to a great start to the 2017-18 school year!
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    Immunization Requirements

    Aztec High School Information

    Student with past due fees, or those lacking proof of immunizations will not be permitted to register or pick up their schedules.  Parents are encouraged to provide students with money to pay for current fees.  The Aztec High School Office (334-9414) will gladly provide information regarding fees or immunizations.

    Immunization Schedules

    Immunization Requirements

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    Students’ thoughts about school are directly tied to their academic performance, so it is key for us to know students’ opinions about school. These anonymous surveys are designed to give a real picture of how Aztec High School serves our students.

    When it is your turn to do these brief surveys please go first to the URL for Language Arts and enter your access code and your name exactly as it appears on your student ticket. When you are finished please click submit, then go to the URL for Math and complete the survey for that by clicking submit.

    Remember this survey is not to penalize you or your teachers, it is meant to give a clear picture of learning at Aztec High School and is reflected in our overall school grade.

    Thank you for taking the time to give honest and objective feedback on the surveys.

    Aztec High School Opportunity to Learn Survey URLs:

    Language Arts


    Want to know what the weather is like in Aztec?

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