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Department Head:

Irene Barry

(505) 334-9414 ext. 1355



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Summer Reading List

Aztec High School

Pre-AP  and AP English

2017 -2018


Dear Students:


Congratulations on your enrollment in the Pre-AP and AP class for the 2017-2018 school year. Each class includes a summer reading component with required reading and responding. Getting started in the summer provides you with initial preparation for the course you will take next year and allows you the flexibility to proceed on your own schedule and at your own pace. All summer reading assignments are due by the first day of class in the fall. The guidelines and requirements for each class are clearly explained below.


These books should be purchased on your own.  They are available in paperback form and can often be found at the used bookstore; Hastings and will also have copies.  If you are ordering online, order early and make sure to order the correct version. You will need to bring the books to class for reference. 


English I Pre-AP – Dr. Barry


                All the Pretty Horses                                                   Cormac McCarthy            

                Beloved                                                                          Toni Morrison      

                Fahrenheit 451                                                                                Ray Bradbury                  


English II Pre-AP – Dr. Barry


                Siddhartha                                                                         Herman Hesse                 

                Things Fall Apart                                                            Chinua Achebe                

                Catch 22                                                                         Joseph Heller                        


AP Language and Composition – Dr. Barry


                Their Eyes Were Watching God                                                Zora Neale Hurston

                Death of a Salesman                                                      Arthur Miller

                The Scarlet Letter                                                           Nathaniel Hawthorne


AP Literature and Composition – Dr. Mortenson


                The Inferno                                                     Dante Alighieri          *John Ciardi’s translation

1984                                                                George Orwell

Desert Solitaire                                              Edward Abbey



**Do not neglect your reading until the last minute; you will be held accountable for the material.  Make sure that you are not purchasing an abridged or annotated version of the book; these versions are often not accurate and do not include the entire text.  If a book you find says “as told by” or something similar or if it has pictures, it is not the correct version.  If you have questions about the reading, call (505)334-9414, extension 1355 or email Dr. Barry at  The above information will also be available during the summer on the AHS Library webpage.



Aztec High School



Keep Cornell Notes for each of the books you read this summer; these notes will help you better understand and remember the material you have read and prepare you to write the three required essays on central theme.  You are required to write a well-developed 5 paragraph essay on each book which focuses on the central theme presented in each book.  You need to use quotes to support your theme and in-text citations.  These essays should be typed and are due the 1st day of class in August 2017.


Take notes on your reading using Cornell notes.



Interpretation/Recall – what does the quote mean

Quotes with citations/questions




























As you read you should jot down quotes (with speaker and page number) from the story which you feel are significant or questions you may have in the second column.  The first column is where you will write your interpretation of the quoted material or an answer to the question (you may find this later as you continue to read).  The summary will be for your observations or insights about the material—Can you relate it to real life?  Can you make connections with something else you have seen or heard?  Does it give you a deeper understanding of the story, characters, etc.? What is the central theme?  You should have a minimum of 10 rows of responses for each of the required readings. These notes should help you write the required essay.

 Make sure to bring your Cornell notes, essay, and a copy of your novels to class on the first day.