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Special Education

 Aztec High School Special Education Faculty and Support Staff

Name Ext email Position
Armstrong, Shelly 1402 IEP Scheduling
Coates, Margie 1330 Career Readiness
Dillard, Laurel 1360 Dept Chair/Special Education Math (team taught/fundamentals)
Dolphin, Christina 1332 Special Education Math (team taught/fundamentals)
Duran, Philip 1333 Career Readiness
Dykes, Guy 1337 Special Education Language Arts (team taught/fundamentals)
Henrickson, Gordon Physical Therapist
Jensen, Marie  1342/1384 Life Skills
Keetso, Laverta 1342/1384 Life Skills Support
Klein, Deborah 1364 Special Education Science (team taught/fundamentals)
Kovacs, Pamela 1316 Social Worker
Kraemer, Dale 1340 Career Readiness
Gates, Sonia 1329 Transition Specialist
Mann, Stephanie   epmannst@aztec, Teacher for Visually Impaired
McCaskill, Robert 1343 Transitions
Medina, Magda 1342/1384 Life Skills Support
Mondragon, Janet 1334 Special Education Language Arts (team taught/fundamentals)
Montoya, Kayla 1342/1384 Life Skills Support
Orr, Jeremy 1345/1341 Gifted
Quintana, Charmin Audiologist
Taylor, Lorie 1386 Social Studies Support
Valasquez, Diane 1343 Transitions Support
Woods, Tana 1341 Speech Pathologist