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ACT and SAT Test-Preparations Resources

ACT and SAT Test-Preparation Resources

ACT Test Prep

The “Practice Tests,” provide a set of actual test questions and answers.  Look for the download of the free 80-page booklet “preparing for the ACT” (PDF format), which contains test information, complete practice tests, and scoring keys.

Need to prepare for verbal and math portions of the SAT?  This site offers practice drills that will help.

The Online Test Page

Need to brush up on vocabulary?  Try these websites.

Most Important SAT Words

Vocabulary Text practice site for SAT review

College Board Vocabulary Information Sources


Documents referenced in College Board Vocabulary are listed and linked to view documents, read text of documents, and read about the documents in historical context


Articles of Confederation

Common Sense

Constitution of the United States

Declaration of United States

The Federalist Papers

George Washington's Farewell Speech

George Washington's First Inaugural Address

Jefferson's First Inaugural Address

Magna Carta

Mayflower Compact

Monroe Doctrine

Not sure about the math portion of the SAT and ACT?  Use the sites listed below for the extra practice. 


More Math Practice –This site is the College Board  online SAT math preparation tool.

Try the Regents Prep website for additional practice on various history, math, and science skills.

Experience Test Anxiety?

Click on Experience Test Anxiety and look over the strategies to help you avoid and overcome anxiety that inhibits performance levels in testing.

For addition help with test anxiety view the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign's Counseling Center webpage.